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  • Foundations ( liquid, semi-fluid or creamy, compact, with SPF protection, cream to powder, moisturizing, matte or shimmer ).

  • Stick foundations ( long lasting, covering and pan stick ).

  • Concealers ( stick, creamy ).

  • Powders ( compact, loose, mosaic, powder balls, mineral ).

  • Blushes ( compact, loose, stick, creamy ).

  • Makeup primer and highlighter.


​Available in the following forms: compact - loose powder - baked powder - stick - style - slim stylo - fluid - super jumbo twist-up - chubby twist-up - mini chubby twist-up

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Smeared eyeshadow_edited.jpg

We have reinvented and refined traditional eye products and has created new formulas to transform eyes into your personal desire. The aim is to offer solutions with a powerful impact and great wear ability, including waterproof and pool-proof textures, for gorgeous, extended, healthful lashes with maximum volume. 

  • Mascara (classic, volume, long lash, waterproof, all in one...)

  • Eyeshadow (compact, loose powder, mineral)

  • Eyebrow Fixer (compact, eyebrow gel/ cream...) 

  • Eyeliner

  • Eyeliner Pencil

  • Eyebrow Pencil

  • Eyes Base

​​Available in the following forms: 

compact - loose powder - baked powder - stick - style - slim stylo - fluid - super jumbo twist-up - chubby twist-up - mini chubby twist-up - cream - gel - pencil wooden - pet with applicator - etc...


A never ending category that provides a wide range of lipsticks that can be formulated for stylos, chubby, classic sticks and formats - whether you are looking for long-lasting wear, full coverage, from cream to powder, matte & velvet touch or just a hint of sheer & shine.

  • Lipsticks (matte, shiny, sheer, metallic/ pearled...)

  • Lip Gloss (stick, creamy, poured..)

  • Lip Lacquer (matte, semi-matte, varnish....)

  • Lip Tint 

  • Lip Primer 

  • Gloss in Stick

  • Sparkling Gloss

Available in the following forms: 

stick - style - slim stylo - fluid - super jumbo twist-up - chubby twist-up - mini chubby twist-up

Summer Hat
  • Nail Lacquers 

  • Gel Lac

  • Nail Care

  • Nail Cleanser

  • Nail Treatment

​​ Available in the following forms: stick - gel - fluid - water-based - oil


We create a scent according to your want - your desire - to the market place. From classic - oriental - spicy - green - flower - fruity...  

  • Eau de Parfums

  • Eau de Toilette

  • Eau de Collonge

  • Home Fragrances 

  • Room Spray

  • Pillow Spray 

  • Essential Oil 

  • Candle 

Available in the following forms: perfume balm in jar/ pot/ stick - natural spray - mist - oil base in roll on bottles... 

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Beauty Spa

We create a formulation according to your want & need.  Natural base on ingredients - Free Testing from Animal 

  • Face Care - Nutrition, hydration for man & woman

  • Body Care - anti-cellulite, spot, relax

  • Hair Care - Hair dyes, shampoo, conditioners, hair mask, serum, hair mist

  • Sunscreen - SunBalm, lotion, cream, spray 

  • Baby Care - Hair & body shampoo, cologne, gels, cream, lotions


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