COSMOS Certified*

  • Naturalness 95 ~ 99% 

  • More than 20% of biological ingredients

  • COSMOS certified***

  • Paraben free

  • IMU free 

  • Lanolin free 

  • OGM free 

  • 100% FREE from animal origin ingredients

  • 100% VEGAN

  • Petrolatium free

  • Mineral oil free

*** subject to selected formulations 




  • New range of non-aggressive powders, formulated without talc and with the help of selected ingredients, to emphasise the skin- friendly aspect and to grant a really healthy, fresh and naturally glowing look by letting the skin breath.


  • It is the most stringent and demanding ICEA (Institute for Environmental Ethics Certification) level because it integrates the requirements of natural and green chemistry with the use of significant quantities (declared on the label) of components of organic farming. To obtain the Cosmos Organic certification label, at least 20% of the total ingredients must be organic. Exceptions are rinsing products and products containing at least 80% mineral ingredients (in this case the limit drops to 10%). The physically processed agricultural ingredients present in the formula must be at least 99% natural.